Meet JoJo

As a competitive gymnast from age the age of 4, exercise and fitness have lead the way to what is now known as Tumbling with JOJO.  As a young athlete, Joelle played travel soccer, AAU basketball, and practiced martial arts. In her collegiate career, Joelle played four years of DIII basketball at Eastern University where she earned a degree for K-12 Health and Physical Education. Joelle has always had a passion for children, mainly because the very essence of JOJO is to be childlike and happy.


When new children come Tumbling with JOJO, within minutes, they are comfortable and feel safe. One of JoJo's strengths is to quickly identify a child's skills and opportunities for advancement. From the first visit, JOJO works to bring out the very best in each child. Tumbling at JOJO means each child will individually be motivated to reach their personal potential and in doing so, will develop self confidence and pride. Joelle believes when a young children gains confidence, it carries over into all areas of their lives.

























Tumbling with JOJO is not about Gymnastics and Tumbling. Tumbling with JOJO means discipline, mental development, and self love. Together students, alongside Team JOJO, will learn trust, and the fulfillment that comes with making goals reality. JOJO will teach hard work and that no matter what, we can pick ourselves back up after we fall down. Success and winning are the belief in a “can’t stop, won’t stop,” attitude. Those qualities are what each child will love most about Tumbling with JOJO.