Coach JoJo, Founder of Tumbling With JoJo

Coach Joelle (or JoJo as many call her) has been coaching Tumbling, Gymnastics, & Team Gymnastics for 16 years and loves every minute of it. Her favorite part is instilling confidence into all her students. Coach Joelle started coaching at 14 years old at the Newtown Athletic Club. When she went to Eastern University, she found another gymnastics coaching job at Upper Merion Dance and Gymnastics in King of Prussia. That is where she fell in love with children, coaching, and teaching tumbling. Coach Joelle built up a significant clientele, gave her Tumbling an official name (Tumbling With JoJo), and moved her King of Prussia clients to Aspiring Champions to be on her own. Over the years, Tumbling With JoJo has grown with not only number of students, but locations as well. Tumbling With JoJo is currently based out of King of Prussia and Northeast Philadelphia. 

*Coach Olivia*

Coach Olivia has been part of Tumbling With JoJo for just about a year now and we are loving every minute. Olivia comes from a background of cheer and tumbling. She tumbled with Coach JoJo when she was very young. Olivia brings so much spunk, energy, and a very positive attitude to our learning environment. She is very silly, funny, and has an amazing connection with all our students. We just love Olivia and the coach she has matured into over this past year. We are so grateful to have Coach Liv!! 

*Coach Jilly bean*

Heading 3

Coach Jilly Bean is an awesome addition to the Tumbling With JoJo squad. We found her by chance, and boy are we grateful! Jill completed four years of Gymnastics at Ursinus University. She has extensive experience coaching gymnastics. She is creative, fun, and has a great way of making her learning environment fun, yet hard working for our students. We love Coach Jill!!